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Fondazione Ugo Da Como
The stunning setting of Lonato Castle makes it a truly fabulous location for a wedding. Set on a hilltop, overlooking Lake Garda and the surrounding countryside, the Castle at Lonato has had a long and varied history since 1000 AD and this lends so much colour and atmosphere to the weddings held within its grounds.
Lonato Castle is a unique venue on Lake Garda where your civil wedding ceremony can be held outside, within the old castle walls, adding extra romance, atmosphere and emotion to your special day. The grounds of the castle are extensive and as such offer a number of possible locations for the ceremony to be held and for you to personalise your perfect day.
La Rocchetta della Rocca –  The ceremony takes place on the open lawn in angle of the higher fortifications opposite the Captains Palace.  Seating can be arranged for up to 350 guests on the grass lawn.  From here you can enjoy many enchanting views of the castle, the lake and its surroundings.  (In case of bad weather the ceremony will take place in the Captain Palace.
By the castle walls and offering a view across to the lake and also the countryside your wedding ceremony here allows for seating for up to 70 guests to be arranged with standing room for more.
The Captain Palace – This spacious room on the 2nd floor can seat up to 120 guests for the wedding ceremony.  Located within the castle grounds and offering stunning views through the windows to the castle battlements over the town of Lonato, Lake Garda and the surrounding countryside. 
The Reading Room – (Approximately 20m from the museum entrance), this room is perfect for small, intimate weddings up to a maximum of 20 people and is located a short walk from the castle fortifications. There is also a covered portico just outside which could also be the charming setting for your ceremony. It’s just a short walk up to the gates of the castle where you can have your photos taken after the ceremony. Although not a chapel it certainly has a similar atmosphere and is perfect for a truly intimate wedding.
Fondazione Ugo Da Como
Lonato Castle offers the unique possibility to have not just your wedding ceremony but also the wedding reception otherwise known as the wedding breakfast, all within the castle grounds. This will truly turn a wonderful day into something quite magical and unforgettable both for the Bride and Groom but also all of your wedding guests. All of the grounds of the castle are at your disposal throughout the day and should the weather be unkind there is an indoor setting for your ceremony as well as a fixed marquee for the wedding reception and continuing celebrations.
Your wedding breakfast can either be held outside underneath the Italian night sky or in the marquee which although covered has been cleverly planned to still offer views of the castle walls. Lonato Castle has in partnership with Padovani Benuzzi catering, high end caterers who offer top service combined with excellent food. Once the wedding breakfast has been well appreciated by all of your guests, the sun sets, candles can be lit and the party can really start. And if you like you can start that party with a bang from some incredible fireworks. Lonato Castle is one of the very few venues on Lake Garda where you can continue to celebrate your wedding into the small hours as it can stay open until 02.30.